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BrinTough Standard 8' Cattle Working Pen

Brintough Standard 8' Cattle Working Pen Layout and Dimensions


Are you looking for a safe, efficient, affordable way to work a few cattle? Our base model Standard 8' cattle pen is a very cost effective solution for anyone looking to work a small herd of cattle.


This pen is built to last for generations to come using strong 14 gauge 1-7/8" pipe, 2"x 2" square tubing and 2-3/8" drill stem. Our solid 1 piece tub/sweep includes an automatic closing safety latch to protect the handler while using the tub sweep gate.


All BrinTough Cattle Working Pens are highly customizable. Whether you need additional panels, slide gates, wire mesh, sheeting, larger gates, or more gates, we can build any pen to suit your needs. All pens are available in various colors. We will deliver and setup this pen for a small fee.


  • 16' x 8' Tub/sweep 

  • 16' x 165" Working area

  • 16' x 27" Alley/Chute

This Working Pen comes in 5 pieces including:

  • 1 - 8' x 16' Tub Sweep*

  • 2 - 16' x 65" Chute Panels**

  • 1 - 16' x 7' Panel With Walk-Through Gate

  • 1- 16' x 7' Panel With 8' Wide Gate


Need an larger working area? See our BrinTough 8' Cattle Working Pen with Extended Working Area.

Is this pen too small? See our BrinTough Standard 10' Cattle Working Pen.

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